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As a Haass, Lindow & Campsey, P.C. Client, you have the right to expect the following standards from us.

You will receive friendly and courteous service. You will be respected and not taken for granted.

We believe that your perception of our performance is always the reality. For that, and other reasons, your feedback is critical to our continuing to innovate and improve. We're always looking forward to your ideas, your comments and your suggestions.

The way we communicate with each other is important to you (and therefore to us). As part of that process, we will acknowledge any communication you have with us before the end of the next working day.

We will be honest, truthful and "up-front" with you at all times. We want to build a long-term and valuable relationship with each other.

We will frequently make recommendations to help you build a better business. We naturally expect to frequently hear from you. We want to hear your concerns, complaints and your compliments.

Our Professional Staff has the authority to make decisions for you without the need for outside referral.

Our Professional Staff is well versed in the tax code, industry specifics, financial and accounting matters, and business consultation and planning. Our goal is to help business owners develop businesses that they may choose not to.

We will honor commitments to you.